Frontend Lead

Gurugram, Haryana
Work Type: Full Time

We are looking for a great JavaScript developer who is proficient with React.js. We are looking for a Frontend Lead Architect at EXLY (MyScoot) who has a passion to solve complex problems at scale and who will be able to drive the technical architecture and product development.

About the job

  • Own and drive product development and engineering management in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
  • Deliver architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency in line with business strategy.
  • Develop and maintain an aspirational architectural roadmap
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of IT industry best practices, technologies, architectures, and emerging technologies.
  • Build and lead the technical team with a focus on infusing culture resulting in energetic & positive outcomes.


We are looking to hire Javascript developers who are well-versed with JS frameworks like React, Webpack, CSS in JS. We love javascript, our complete stack is built on it. As we continue to grow the site and its features, we are looking for somebody to join our tech team and help build out the next set of kick-ass features.

Build Magic 💖

It’s so clear to us that technology evolves but people stay the same. We’re solving for passion economy and with all the evolution in technology, today we can solve for that in brand new ways.

At our core, we’re a creative company. Ideas and pixels is where we live and we love building magical products that make our users feel ‘wow’ inside. It’s not just about features, it’s also about how they make people feel. We build at the intersection of the scientific and the romantic.


We live in a hyper-competitive and fast moving environment, so our attitude is impact-driven. We're constantly in a struggle against time, looking for ways on being more productive, in order to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. We like processes and agile ideologies, but don't let it hinder our performance and slow us down.

  • You could either be working with our Product Designers & Managers to improve the design and implementation of our existing products, build an entirely new line of products. We're open to figuring out the right fit based on your skillset.
  • Own the entire product experience as you will be the one delivering the final product to the consumer.
  • An understanding of RESTful APIs - and comfortable pushing server-side developer to build them the way you want
  • Good familiarity with most of the React JS in-built and popular third party frameworks, libraries, and accelerators. With in-depth expertise on most of the popular ones
  • Participate in code reviews and help collectively solve complex problems like routing, repo structure, isomorphic rendering, automated performance benchmarking integrations, etc. Who should apply?
  • We're looking for experienced developers who take pride on their code rather than the frameworks they know (although good programmers know the right frameworks).
  • One's who don't settle. They are brave enough to dream big and work hard to achieve it.
  • Having experience with the latest web technologies such as React.JS, ES6, WebPack, PWA is an added advantage. If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch.

And it all starts with people, the right team that cares deeply about our mission, values and our users. At MyScoot, you'll have the chance to do the best work of your life.

Come join us and shape the future of the passion economy.

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